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The remaining weeks of the semester postdefense should be devoted to revisions.

Honors Program

The process of the research proposal, faculty approval, conduct of the research, writing of the results and defense of the research typically requires most of the senior year.

During the Winter quarter, the Director of Undergraduate Studise and the Anthropology Advisors will complte a list of interested and qualifying students for consideration. Identify the novel elements of your research and concisely state the importance of your research both to the specific subject and to the discipline of Anthropology.

Enrollment is restricted to students accepted in the Anthropology Honors Program. Let the Anthropology advisor know that you are interested in the program. Search Honors in Anthropology The Department of Anthropology confers graduation honors on students who possess distinguished records in Anthropology and in overall academic performance.

This is a strict rule, but you are welcome to seek advice and mentoring from anywhere. For more details regarding the prerequisites, please see the Major Requirements tab on this page.

Honors Opportunities

Students can enroll in a recommended not required third quarter of the Honors Thesis program ANTH C to become Ambassadors of Anthropology participate in community outreach presentations to promote Anthropology Anthropology honors thesis berkeley, and to prepare a presentation of their thesis findings at the annual Anthropology Honors Thesis Presentations and Awards event.

Prepare the thesis as a research paper written in American Anthropologist style. Passing grades for a Anthropology honors thesis berkeley of fifteen credits of UW Anthropology classes. This class is run concurrently with ANTH The student must propose, carry out, write, and defend in oral examination a research project.

If your project involves overseas travel, you should plan carefully to be on campus for these classes. You are required to write a thesis documenting your honors research. Submit a Course Substitution petition and provide a detailed syllabus not a course descriptionthe course reading list and a personal statement addressing the appropriateness of a given course to be a proper substitution for a Berkeley anthropology course.

ANTH A Fall quarter Students will be admitted to the honors program by invitation of the department in the spring of their junior year. This proposal should have four parts. The ANTH class helps you work that topic into a formal research proposal, but you need to have a strong sense of your project before beginning this class.

This ANTH class is only offered in the Spring Quarter so it is vital that you arrange your schedule to include it. How do I select an adviser? Students are introduced to widely used methods of data collection.

On this date, you will present your research to the committee and hold an oral examination on the topic. In addition, they define a research problem, complete a literature review, and, with the guidance of a faculty thesis adviser, complete a proposal for feasible, theoretically focused thesis project.

You must discuss with your adviser if this option suits your project and to determine which journal would suit your research. The first is that the adviser must be on the current list of full-time and research faculty in the UW Department of Anthropology or on the current list of adjunct, affiliate, emeritus, and retired faculty.

For example, you might be interested to work on the project of a senior graduate student who would advise on many details of your project. Admission to the Anthropology Honors Program is competitive; fulfillment of minimum eligibility requirements, or membership in the College Honors program, does not guarantee admission.

A grade of 3. You must take these two classes in person on the UW-Seattle campus. Are students in your department able to undertake a senior honors thesis the semester following UCEAP participation?

Early March Schedule a date before mid-April for your oral defense with your committee. You should also provide bound copies to the Wake Forest University library, your advisor, and any Committee members who request one.

What is the process in your department to have courses evaluated? The entire faculty will be notified and invited to the examination. Please consult with the department for more information. Complete all course requirements for the B. Two Weeks Prior to Your Presentation and Defense Circulate a draft of your research paper to all members of your committee.

Begin the process of regular communication with your advisor, and think about additional members to serve on your Thesis Committee see below.

Evaluate the existing information pertaining to your area of interest. Meet with your adviser to discuss your plans and request a support email. Students who plan to go on to graduate study, either at UC Berkeley or another institution, should select a combination of courses to form a unified plan of study that meets special intellectual interests.Honors Program Guidelines.

both overall and in Anthropology, and that the Honors thesis has been satisfactorily completed. Based on this initial certification, the student is subsequently awarded, by the College of Arts & Sciences, A.B. cum laude. The honors program in Anthropology is an independently-pursued course of research undertaken by qualified students under the mentorship of a faculty thesis adviser.

An overall GPA of and a GPA of in the major in courses completed at UC Berkeley is required to qualify for the program.

Honors and Senior Theses

What are Berkeley anthropology undergraduates doing today? After completing her B.A. in and an Anthropology Honors’ Thesis under the direction of Rosemary Joyce, Amara went on to the PhD program in the History of Art and Architecture at U.C. Santa Barbara where she studied Maya conceptions of space during the colonial period.

Honors Thesis Program

Our Senior Honors Program is an intensive, year-long program in which students conduct independent research and write an Honors Thesis. Successful completion of this program is what earns students "Honors in Sociology" on their Berkeley transcript. The Honors Program in the Department of Anthropology is open to students with an exceptional academic record and allows undergraduates to pursue special research interests.

Honors students design, conduct and report on an original research project under the guidance of a faculty adviser. The program builds a community of. At the end of each academic year (end of May), an event takes place that showcases undergraduate student achievements, including Honors thesis presentations, recognition of academic achievements by our graduating majors, recognition of activities by the AnthroClub, activities by the Ambassadors of Anthropology, awards to outstanding .

Anthropology honors thesis berkeley
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