Dr. jekyll and mr. hyde theme essays

But his potion, which he hoped would separate and purify each element, succeeds only in bringing the dark side into being—Hyde emerges, but he has no angelic counterpart.

Indeed, he seems to commit violent acts against innocents for no reason except the joy of it—something that no animal would do.

He believes that if he can only set eyes on Hyde, the mystery will roll away.

Hyde is perhaps the purest example in English literature of the use of the double convention to represent the duality of human nature. Jekyll represents the conventional and socially acceptable personality and Mr.

The prevalence of this value system is evident in the way that upright men such as Utterson and Enfield avoid gossip at all costs; they see gossip as a great destroyer of reputation. What Hyde embodies in the structure of the story is his essentially hidden nature.

Hyde is always where Jekyll is not, even as he is always, of course, where Jekyll is. For an animalistic creature, furthermore, Hyde seems oddly at home in the urban landscape.

A central theme throughout the story, which serves to negate verbal attempts to account for and explain the mystery, is the theme of seeing.

Yet if Hyde were just an animal, we would not expect him to take such delight in crime. Hyde centers upon a conception of humanity as dual in nature, although the theme does not emerge fully until the last chapter, when the complete story of the Jekyll-Hyde relationship is revealed.

Or perhaps Jekyll is simply mistaken: The Importance of Reputation For the characters in Dr. In this chapter, Jekyll fully explains, though he does not use the Freudian terminology, that what he has achieved is a split between the id and the superego. Ultimately, while Stevenson clearly asserts human nature as possessing two aspects, he leaves open the question of what these aspects constitute.

The Duality of Human Nature Dr. The importance of reputation in the novel also reflects the importance of appearances, facades, and surfaces, which often hide a sordid underside. It is indeed the hidden that can be manifested but not described that haunts the center of this thematically simple but structurally complex tale.

All of these observations imply that perhaps civilization, too, has its dark side. In the letter from Lanyon, the only man allowed to see the mysterious transformation, the reader gets an idea of the structural problem of the story: Stevenson enhances the richness of the novel by leaving us to look within ourselves to find the answers.

Once unleashed, Hyde slowly takes over, until Jekyll ceases to exist. He appears deliberately and happily immoral rather than amoral; he knows the moral law and basks in his breach of it.Theme Of Duality Jekyll And Mr Hyde English Literature Essay.

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Hyde By: Robert Louis Stevenson Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a tale of Good vs. Evil, Stevenson’s tells us about a conflict between dual personalities, one good, losing hold of his original and slowly becoming incorporated with his second and worse. English Essays – Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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The role of medical science was also an important theme, as well as the theme of dual personalities, a theme which Stevenson often. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Dr.

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Critical Essays

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Dr. jekyll and mr. hyde theme essays
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