Endosulfan rat thesis

Support ventilation using appropriate mechanical device. In all cases the Ref. He developed cholinergic symptoms within an hour of the accident, which settled spontaneously, but he suffered a toxic-clonic seizure some 6 hours later while in the hospital. The present study was undertaken with the aim to study the effects of endosulfan on immunity in layers, and subsequently, its effect on immune status and teratogenic exhibits in chicks produced from these chlorinated hydrocarbon fed birds.

Endosulfan does not appear to be a problem with regard to persistence. Animals in Group I served as controls. Typhimurium Fahrig, ; Moriya et al. Moribund birds and the birds at the end of the experiments were humanely sacrificed by cervical dislocation.

Many parts of the world have fallen prey to this pesticide that has affected a lot of humans, animals, and the environment. If the patient is conscious and a large quantity of endosulfan has been ingested, not more than 1 hour ago, perform gastric lavage only after tracheal intubation.

TEC R 61G41b 1.

This study was performed to evaluate the possible protective effect of vitamins E and C, against endosulfan-induced reproductive toxicity in rats. Neither fetal movement or heart tones were audible as early as four hours after the clinical symptoms occurred.

Endosulfan is hazardous in acute overexposed for some aquatic species, especially fish. After fifteen days of acclimatization period, they were randomly assigned into four groups viz.

Protective Effect of Vitamins E and C on Endosulfan-Induced Reproductive Toxicity in Male Rats

Adrenaline and nor-adrenaline should only be administered with extreme caution, because they may sensitise the myocardium and thus provoke serious cardiac arrhythmias. Pathological changes Spleen from rats of all the groups was examined for gross changes.

Results and Discussion The endosulfan pesticides were found to have a depressive effect on total leukocytes and absolute lymphocyte counts after feeding for 90 days.

Aviat Space Environ Med 70 1: After a single dose of up to 0. Other reagents were of analytical grade and obtained from Sigma Chemical Co.

In a further study with the human estrogen receptor assay, however, 0. Once convulsions are controlled further treatment with Phenytoin or Sodium Valporate should be continued as long as required. On the other hand, Tyagi et al have observed that multiple dosing of male rats 7.The present study was designed to evaluate the effect of sub-chronic doses of endosulfan on humoral and cell-mediated immune (CMI) responses in albino rats.

Male albino rats were given a diet. Endosulfan inducing blood hypercoagulability and endothelial cells apoptosis via the death receptor pathway in Wistar rats.

Protective Effect of Vitamins E and C on Endosulfan-Induced Reproductive Toxicity in Male Rats. Nikolaidis E, Lavrentiadou SN, Tsantarliotou MP, Eleftheriadou EK, Papapanagiotou EP, et al.

Endosulfan-induced lipid peroxidation in rat brain and its effect on t-PA and PAI ameliorating effect of vitamins C and E. J Toxicol Sci. ; Considering a rat weighing g, daily consumes about 25g diet containing 4µg OTA/g diet, approximately, 1/30th oral lethal dose (LD50) levels for OTA (4 ppm) and 1/15th oral lethal (LD50) dose levels for endosulfan (5 mg kg-1 killarney10mile.com) were selected and used in the present investigation.

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Effect of endosulfan on immunological competence of layer birds

bioremediation of pesticide polluted soil by organic farming practices of kolli hills, tamilnadu, india bibliography. More doubt was cast upon the thesis of synergism by an independent study in which endosulfan and dieldrin showed no additive effect in displacing 3 H(-estradiol from rat uterine estrogen receptors or in inducing the proliferation of MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

The weak proliferative potential described by Soto et al.

Toxic manifestation of endosulfan and ochratoxin- a in adult male rats

(, ) was, however.

Endosulfan rat thesis
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