Homers odyssey thesis statement

Why is it better than some of the paradises he visited? I have found essays skeletons focusing on the gods do not tend to be successful.

Also an excellent if humble host, Eumaeus makes his king proud as he speaks respectfully of the royal family and abhors the invasion of the suitors. When he returns to Ithaca, however, Odysseus behaves more prudently.

The theme of spiritual growth is central to The Odyssey, especially as it relates to Telemachus and Odysseus. He enters in disguise in order to obtain information about the enemy as well Homers odyssey thesis statement knowledge of whom to trust.

If you can use distinct examples of the suitors, yes, I think, you can use in all three. By examining the character of Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, one can see just how women exerted their power and influence in The Odyssey and to what ends.

Incorporating that would strenghten your argument. I would need to see your specific examples to be sure.

The Odyssey

Civilized people, therefore, make an investment in hospitality to demonstrate their quality as human beings and in hopes that their own people will be treated well when they travel. Athena is the maven of makeovers. He still gives into beauty.

Karma is not a theme just as friendship is not a theme. Each will die a gruesome death. Might need fine tuning if categories overlap too much. Odysseus, on the other hand, is not bound by the same expectation of fidelity.

Like Father, Like Son: T What do O. As is, the thesis begs for observation not analysis. Even his wife, Penelope, literally belongs to her husband.

The goddess Athena, for example, takes on no fewer than three guises. The loyal servants are rewarded; those who betray their master are dealt with more harshly.

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There is good potential for a so what At the courts of these great men, Telemachus learns more about himself and how a prince should comport himself than he does about Odysseus. Why is this interesting? What does temptation do to people?

According to the most aggressive of the suitors, Antinous, Penelope has persevered against the invaders for about four years 2. One of the reasons that they are well matched is that they are both survivors. At the beginning of the epic, she appears to Telemachus as Mentes, king of the Taphians, an old friend of his father who has just stopped to visit in Ithaca.

Homeric similies portray the human compacity of savagery through gory details, animal imagery, and raw emotions. If you have strong examples for each, this should work. At the palace, the faithful nurse Eurycleia privately identifies Odysseus when she recognizes a scar on his leg as she bathes him; however, she vows to keep the news to herself.

The cyclops episode has a good and gory one non-animal, I think It was through visitors that the Homeric Greeks learned about and kept abreast of what was happening in the world beyond their local areas. Get rid of "you" in thesis.

The thesis itself should not contain questions. T Do you have enough examples for each category?

Odysseus in Homers The Odyssey

I like the three key characteristics you chose.Odyssey Analytical Essay Thesis Statements G-Block. I was going to compare this statement not only to The Odyssey but also to present day) O/T.

Keep the focus on "The Odyssey" You could develop a thesis on the value of hospitality and then incorporate the comparison to other countries in your conclusion as part of the "so what.

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The major themes in The Odyssey are especially significant because they serve to form the moral and ethical constitution of most of the characters. The reader learns about the characters through the themes. The more complicated a character is, the more he or she engages these major themes.

Therefore. Apr 10,  · I have to write a paper on Homer's the Odyssey and I am completely stuck. I have no idea how to come up with a good thesis statement that I can support well. I have a general idea of what I would like to write about, I want to write about Homer's views on fame and glory in which he portrays through Odysseus and other literary Status: Resolved.

Sep 24,  · okay, i am writing an essay for the odyssey, and i am not sure what my thesis statement should be. my essay is going to be about women in the story, its supposed to be a critical essay. but i am not sure how i am going to do it i hope figuring out my thesis will help i have something.

but not sure if it works help Although The Status: Open.

Homers odyssey thesis statement
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