How to write a catchy jingle tunes

Keep it Simple The lyrics as well as the tune should be simple, so that it is easy to remember and hum.

Jingles stay with the product forever, sometimes, even after its production has stopped. Let us know in the comments below!

How to Make Good Advertisement Jingles

While she specializes in lyrics, she enjoys writing short stories, poetry, and journalism. Early radio programs popularized jingles, sung advertisements with catchy tunes.

Be Melodic While this little ditty explores a number of lessons, what it excels at is being melodic. If so, the production quality may be out of your hands. Incorporate a little humor or even word play in your jingle to make it entertaining. The client may already have a slogan or catchphrase she wants you to use in addition to a preferred style of music.

Use Figures of Speech Experiment with hyperbole to exaggerate your idea to a small extent and puns to add a fun element. By tying the simplicity of commonality to the unexpected, listeners are drawn into the comfort of what they know and the excitement of what lies ahead.

It should not be too long, for which the point has to be made crisply and quickly.

How to Make Your Own Catchy Jingles

Use action verbs and imagery, and repeat the name of the product or company. People hum these tunes, share them with each other, and in some time, these tunes go viral and become popular with the masses, leading to word-of-mouth publicity of the product s they are made for.

Stick to the Slogan Sometimes the best place to get a jingle from is the slogan itself. No one can tell you how to be creative.

How to Make a Catchy Advertising Jingle That is Too Good to Ignore

Knowing Your Product Never has a commercial been so straightforward and effective. Knowing how to make that one 30 second song that engages an audience to commit it to memory is more science than art form.

Due to elements such as rhyme, melody, a set pattern of words, or repeating phrases, a jingle is easily remembered. Making catchy jingles is indeed a smart way of advertising your product.

Are you writing for other artists? Best-Ever Advertising Jingles About the Author As a former senior sales director with Mary Kay and the co-owner of a renovation company, Monica Patrick has firsthand knowledge of small business operations.

Simply listen to your finished jingle and ask yourself if it does the product justice.

How to Make Jingles and Phrases

When writing lyrics, you can list the attributes of the product or services or create a mental image between the product and the target consumer. You know you love it. The rhyme makes the jingle easy to remember. What do you think makes a catchy song? Step 4 and Step 5 are interchangeable. Gain familiarity with the product or service.

MarketingWit Staff Last Updated:As a jingle maker, you should be aware of this and have a basic sense of rhythm. You should be able to write well to come up with good words that can go together, be given a tune to, and best describe the product/service that the jingle is about.

Making catchy jingles is indeed a smart way of advertising your product. Write the chords for your jingle over the lyrics. Use a guitar or keyboard and strum variations on rhythm and chord progressions until you find the right tempo and tone for your jingle.

Sing along as you try these variations. In order to have a catchy song that appeals to the masses, the production quality must be high.

This isn't to say that someone who can't afford to record in a professional studio hasn't written a catchy song, but a high-quality recording of the song will open up a larger market and make it more likely to receive favorable reviews and airplay. Using your phone number in your jingle is probably the catchiest and easiest way to instill a call to action into your viewers.

Empire did the same thing (EMPIRE) or at least, I think that’s the jingle off hand. They also allowed users to enter their own Kars4Kids jingle in a recent contest as a fun exercise in engagement.


How to write a catchy jingle tunes
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