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Essay on the Economy of India

There are many rivers in India. The rise of the Maratha Empire after the falls of Mughals marked the decline of political stability affecting Indian economy.

Moreover, all the professional services like doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers etc. Thus, during nearly 42 years of planning, gross domestic saving rate has more than doubled from Barter system was commonly use in these times although many kings issued coins and revenues were also paid to the rulers.

Pradhan Mantri Grammoday Yojna 9. Nationalisation of banks have also taken place, recently phases of privatisation are on the run. People living in this sector are mainly engaged in either secondary sector or tertiary sector.

In Imperial Bank of India was established payment B. Central assistance is the aids provided for plans of state government and union territories. Towards the end of the colonial rule it was seen that development in the Indian Economy was hampered and it was reduced down from its glorious strong economic background.

One of the people who were leading the freedom movement was Mahatma Gandhiwho only used peaceful tactics, including a way called " ahimsa ", which means "non-violence". States and union territories are different in the way they are represented. India has also done nuclear tests in andand it is one of the few countries that has nuclear bombs.

It also fought a war to capture Goaa Portuguese -built port and city which was not a part of India until Inthe Indian Armed Forces had 1. Revenue expenditure consists of revenue defense expenditure, subsidies etc. The economy was then characterised by extensive regulation, protectionismpublic ownership of large monopolies, pervasive corruption and slow growth.

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The British East India Company, following their conquest of Bengal inhad forced open the large Indian market to British goods, which could be sold in India without tariffs or dutiescompared to local Indian producers who were heavily taxedwhile in Britain protectionist policies such as bans and high tariffs were implemented to restrict Indian textiles from being sold there, whereas raw cotton was imported from India without tariffs to British factories which manufactured textiles from Indian cotton and sold them back to the Indian market.

Economic historian Prasannan Parthasarathi presented earnings data which showed real wages and living standards in 18th century Bengal and Mysore being higher than in Britain, which in turn had the highest living standards in Europe.

Small and tiny scale industries include clothes, candle, poultry, match box, handloom, toys etc. It has increased due to improvements in irrigation, modern agricultural practices, and technological advancements.

Public expenditure in India basically constitutes capital and revenue expenditure. It is also near Sri Lankaan island country. Most of these pieces are called statessome are called union territories.

Taxes- Taxes can be levied either directly or indirectly. There are other parts like Paramilitary and Strategic Nuclear Command. That is because the deserts attract water-filled winds from the Indian Ocean, which give rain when they come into India.

Key industries included textilesshipbuildingand steeland processed exports included cotton textiles, yarnsthreadsilkjute products, metalwareand foods such as sugaroils and butter.

But other developments in transport and communication like introduction of railways, telegraphs and so on were made which affected the economy. However, it is managed by the Ministry of Defence.

Indirect Taxes- Central excise duty and customs duty are two I main indirect taxes. Jawahar Rozgar Yojna 8. The economy of the country shifted from agricultural, forestry, fishing and textile manufacturing to heavy industries, telecommunications and transformation industries during late s.

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Search to find a specific india essay or browse from the list below: Indian economy has been witnessing a phenomenal growth since the last decade. The country is still holding its ground in the midst of the current.

Essay on Indian Economy

The economy of India is a developing mixed economy. It is the world's sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP).

The country ranks th in per capita GDP (nominal) with $2, and nd in per capita GDP (PPP) with $7, as of Learn about the Indian Economy, incl. an overview of the major sectors, market size, growth, recent developments, stats, etc By India Brand Equity Foundation.

Essay on Indian Economy. Article Shared by. ADVERTISEMENTS: To know and understand the nature of Indian economy, it is very necessary to have a clear idea about the meaning of Indian economy.

Economy of India

After Independence India launched her First Five Years plan in ; then now 5-Year Plan is going on. The lesson is created with the objective to provide information about the Indian Economy right from independence till the New Economic Policy of ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is an essay on the ‘Globalization of Indian Economy’ especially written for school and college students in Hindi language.

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भारत में भी वैश्वीकरण की प्रक्रिया धीरे-धीरे गति पकड़ रही है .

Indian economy essay in hindi
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