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Am J Recreat Ther ;9 1: Six articles reported that these people included fitness instructors and nurse coordinators 25,28,34,48,49, Many people seek well-lit, safe, accessible, indoor venues for walking, such as shopping malls Recommendations have been made to clarify the stages; one recommendation is to use an iterative process for selecting studies and extracting data Despite these limitations, our comprehensive review captures data on what is known about mall walking programs to date and identifies gaps in the literature.

The walk of life: Ann Behav Med ;25 2: Gliederung englisch beispiel essay a nurse story essay sigma theta tau application essay my summer vacation essay words a minute what is your academic goal essay Premium Education Theory Dissertation Writing Service I Ontario, Although organizational-level costs may affect sustainability, data on program costs are limited.

Mall Walking Program Environments, Features, and Participants: A Scoping Review

Top Results The electronic database search yielded articles; 46 articles were located by hand search. Three articles found the mean age of mall walkers to be 70 or older 24,25, Health-related quality of life after total joint arthroplasty: UDP and special interest project [no.

Top Introduction Middle-aged and older adults are the least physically active age groups 1. Organizational-level facilitators to hosting mall walking programs were reported, including well-lit walkways 24,28accessible restrooms 28,51even walking surfaces, safe environments 25,28,41,51background music, and coffee shops Implementation refers to the many organizational-level facilitators and barriers that are involved in initiating an intervention with fidelity to the original model 17,18 ; in this review, we focus on the key logistical factors involved in mall walking programs and describe several existing models.

Four articles described walking and supplemental fitness programs that calculated distances and distributed maps that showed the mileages of walking routes 27,28,34, Comparison of two physical activity interventions on the physical fitness for informal caregivers.

Mall walking programs that allowed sites to accommodate diverse populations were described as adaptable in 4 articles 24,32,51, This study had several limitations.

The influence of mindfulness-based stress reduction and walking on the psychological well-being of female informal caregivers: The team reviewed the results, based on the RE-AIM framework, which is a model used to evaluate the reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and maintenance of health promotion programs at the individual and organizational levels 17, One study 24 reported that mall walking program adaptation is necessary, because people of various cultures view walking differently ie, some view walking as an activity for health and fitness; some view it as leisure activity; and some view it as a destination-oriented activity.

The structured and unstructured activity of older adults as measures of life satisfaction: The relationship between destination proximity, destination mix and physical activity behaviors. The hand search of bibliographies from publications, grant applications, and funding announcements yielded 46 articles.

One study noted that malls lacked the threat of unattended dogs Phys Sportsmed ;22 J Gerontol Nurs ;15 7: Many articles were not scientific ie, reports, editorials, theoretical papers, exercise advice column, feature article, and case studies 28,31,33,37,43,47, Am J Public Health ;96 7: J Aging Phys Act ;14 3: Top Discussion The results from this review show that mall walking programs have the potential to increase physical activity among middle-aged and older adults.

Outdoor falls among middle-aged and older adults: Inclement weather limits walking outdoors 6,7. One study 28 found that malls, compared with other settings, provided little variation in surroundings.LITERATURE STUDY. ON SHOPPING MALL FORUM MALLBANGLORE INTRODUC The Forum is a popular shopping mall located on Hosur Road TION in Koramangalam, Bangalore, Karnataka, India developed1/5(1).

The literature review begins with an exploration of the growing problem of enclosed regional mall decline.

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The main themes and debates in the field of shopping center. LITERATURE REVIEW INTRODUCTION researcher has undergone extensive study on the literature already available and tried to towards Shopping Mall- A Case Study with reference to Aligarh and Mathura City Shopping malls are perceived to be a choice because of the eating joints and.

The Evolution of Shopping Center Research: A Review and Analysis Mark Eppli Marquette University, called Southdale Mall, was created because Dayton's Department store convinced its rival, Donaldson's, to jointly develop a shopping center in order to A tree diagram of the literature review is depicted in Exhibit 1.

After the. Published: Tue, 10 Jan Chapter 2 Literature Review Introduction to Literature Review. This chapter will mainly discuss on the study that are done by previous research of other authors in the similar area of the present study. As a result of a systematic literature review, which employed bibliometric analysis and content analysis, both the roots and the frontier of research were identified.

A list of mall image attributes was generated and identified those that seemed theoretically more relevant in capturing the construct of mall.

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Review of literature on shopping mall
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