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Fishing depletes fish populations, disrupting vital food chains and Smoothie powerpoint marine mammals and sea birds to extinction through starvation. Get back to basics. Check the Web site or in-store nutrition information of your favorite coffee or smoothie shop to find out how many calories are in different menu items.

At the smoothie stand: Vegan Peer Support Group meeting. If you have any questions, please Contact Us And when a smoothie or coffee craving kicks in, here are some tips to help minimize the Smoothie powerpoint damage: Egg-laying hens are painfully de-beaked, then raised in cages so small that they are unable to stretch their wings.

Meat eaters have a ten times greater risk of breast and colon cancer than do pure vegetarians. Ask that your smoothie be prepared without added sugar: If acreage now being used for grazing cattle and raising feed grains were growing trees or fiber plants to burn for energy, we would have no need to import foreign oil.

Veal calves are chained in crates to prevent movement and fed iron-deficient food to make them anemic in order to keep their flesh pale. The whipped cream on top of coffee drinks adds calories and fat. When you do opt for a sugar-sweetened beverage, go for the small size.

More than half of the water used for all purposes in the United States is used for livestock production. Be a role model for your friends and family by choosing healthy, low-calorie beverages. Top of Page High-Calorie Culprits in Unexpected Places Coffee drinks and blended fruit smoothies sound innocent enough, but the calories in some of your favorite coffee-shop or smoothie-stand items may surprise you.

Request that your drink be made with fat-free or low-fat milk instead of whole milk Order the smallest size available. Top of Page Better Beverage Choices Made Easy Now that you know how much difference a drink can make, here are some ways to make smart beverage choices: Order a plain cup of coffee with fat-free milk and artificial sweetener, or drink it black.

Forgo the extra flavoring — the flavor syrups used in coffee shops, like vanilla or hazelnut, are sugar-sweetened and will add calories to your drink. Choose water, diet, or low-calorie beverages instead of sugar-sweetened beverages.

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Free Smoothie PowerPoint Templates

Serve water with meals. Water pollution from feedlots and feed grain field runoff manure, topsoil, pesticides, fertilizer, etc. Make water more exciting by adding slices of lemon, lime, cucumber, or watermelon, or drink sparkling water.

For a quick, easy, and inexpensive thirst-quencher, carry a water bottle and refill it throughout the day. Some companies are now selling 8-oz.

Vegans do not eat animal products and therefore do not contribute to the suffering and needless death of animals raised for food. Vegan Society of Hawaii. Ask to see the nutrition information for each type of smoothie and pick the smoothie with the fewest calories.Green Smoothie PowerPoint 1.

GREEN SMOOTHIECampaign Prepared by: Angelina Mangiamelli 2. Client: Green Smoothie Background: A new local and organically focused business in Dundee whose mission is to provide a fast and healthy snack for customers in a hurry or who want to sit and relax.

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Smoothie PowerPoint Templates

Enter one or more tags separated by comma or enter. Detox Green Tropical Smoothie - How To Melt Belly Fat Fast Detox Green Tropical Smoothie How To Lose Weight On A 7 Day Detox. Sep 02,  · Free Fruit PPT Template is a free background template for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with fruits.

The slide design contains a nice lemon photo in the cover slide and internal slide designs with custom layouts that you can use in Microsoft PowerPoint and /5(33).

Smoothie powerpoint
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