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When I awake, I am still with you" Ps. However, if you send me names and e-mail addresses of others, be sure to inform them about it.

How far his doctrines, or their interpretation, may be true, it would scarcely have been worth while to inquire, if the one did not afford an example and an incentive to the attainment of true virtue, whilst the other holds out a sanction and apology for every species of mean and cruel vice.

Let us now briefly look at each of these attributes. They suppose men endowed with the power of deliberating and determining for their equals; whilst these men, as frail and as ignorant as the multitude whom they rule, possess, as a practical consequence of this power, the right which they of necessity exercise to prevent together with their own the physical and moral and intellectual nature, of all mankind.

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Some events that are part of this calendar are the "holy days", such as solemnities which honor an event in the life of Jesus or the saintstimes of fasting such as Lentand other events, such as memoria. THE Being who has influenced in the most memorable manner the opinions and the fortunes of the human species, is Jesus Christ.

God, it has been asserted, was contemplated by Jesus Christ as every poet and every philosopher must have contemplated that mysterious principle. I then, as Paul--an old man and now also a prisoner of Christ Jesus-- Philemon 1: Attempts to establish usages founded on this dogma have been made The definition of god for christians essay modern Europe, in several instances, since the revival of literature and the arts.

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Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. The only perfect and genuine republic is that which comprehends every living being.

If a man borrows a certain sum from me, he is bound to repay that sum. He counsels us, teaches us truths, and changes our hearts. Thus, that nation which has arrived at the highest step in the scale of moral progression will believe most purely in that God, the knowledge of whose real attributes is considered as the firmest basis of the true religion.

Those who have a personal relationship with God include God in their daily lives. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. They have represented him asserting that the Omnipotent God—that merciful and benignant Power who scatters equally upon the beautiful earth all the elements of security and happiness—whose influences are distributed to all whose natures admit of a participation in them—who sends to the weak and vicious creatures of his will all the benefits which they are capable of sharing—that this God has devised a scheme whereby the body shall live after its apparent dissolution, and be rendered capable of indefinite torture.

Their imaginations of a happier state of human society were referred, in truth, to the Saturnian period; they ministered, indeed, to thoughts of despondency and sorrow. The city, being composed of combustible materials, was burned to the ground.

This is an enunciation of all that Plato and Diogenes have speculated upon the equality of mankind. Jesus Christ opposed with earnest eloquence the panic fears and hateful superstitions which have enslaved mankind for ages.

Till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in nowise pass away from the Law, till all be fulfilled. Meanwhile, their very subsistence depends on the system of injustice and violence, which they have been devised to palliate.

Meanwhile, some benefit has not failed to flow from the imperfect attempts which have been made to erect a system of equal rights to property and power upon the basis of arbitrary institutions. When the classical theist claims that God can only do what is logically possible, he or she is claiming that God cannot do or create what is logically impossible.

Those who have a personal relationship with God pray for wisdom James 1: My neighbour, or my servant, or my child, has done me an injury, and it is just that he should suffer an injury in return.

It is because, mankind, ye value and seek the empty pageantry of wealth and social power, that ye are enslaved to its possessions. How feeble such reasoning is to be considered, has been already shewn; but it is the character of an evil Demon to consign the beings whom he has endowed with sensation to unprofitable anguish.

Having loved his own who were in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his love. But, as the shades of night are dispelled by the faintest glimmerings of dawn, so shall the minutest progress of the benevolent feelings disperse, in some degree, the gloom of tyranny, and [curb the] ministers of mutual suspicion and abhorrence.

If there be no love among men, it is best that he who sees through the hollowness of their professions should fly from their society, and suffice to his own soul.What is Love as Defined by the Bible? by Rich Deem.

What is love? uses two different words to describe and define love. The most commonly used Greek word translated "love" in the New Testament is "agape." This love is represented by God's love for us.

Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and everyone who. People who disagree with our definition of Christian and Christianity So I decided to take excerpts out of that Email response and expand them into this essay.

Definitions of "Christian" -- our understanding: Many, Why not use God's definition of "Christian?". Question: "What does it mean to have a personal relationship with God?" Answer: Having a personal relationship with God begins the moment we realize our need for Him, admit we are sinners, and in faith receive Jesus Christ as Savior.

God, our heavenly Father, has always desired to be close to us, to have a relationship with us. Christianity is the religion that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, through the Holy Bible.

The duration of the last seven weeks have. Christianity Essay The religion my group is covering is Christianity. Christianity is one of the biggest and widest spread religions in the world.

Christians believe that God created the world and all that is in it.

The Christian Concept of God

It is believed that humanity is created in the image of God, and that God gave people free will therefore there is good and. The Christian Concept of God This Essay The Christian Concept of God and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • October 17, • Essay • 4/4(1).

The definition of god for christians essay
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