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Also, a company like Weyerhaeuser would have a large amount of fixed assets indicated by the large fixed asset ratio, because of substantial timberland ownership. Company N I believe company N is the second paragraph and is the company Target. Intangibles make up a large percentage of total assets, which would explain the significant amount of goodwill.

Johnson and Johnson would also more likely have more manufacturing facilities because of their The financial detective beer array of goods. Company L is most likely paragraph 2 because the lower liabilities and higher gross profit margin are indicative of a company that is more specialized.

The high debt to asset ratio of High Research and development would also cause high amounts of debt incurred and the total debt to total assets ratio would also be higher. Local branches also allow for personal connections with their customers, which would give it a higher turnover rate.

This could explain why they have a lower fixed asset percentage. Because their wood is purchased on the open market, they would have higher long-term debt and liabilities.

The Financial Detective 2005 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Also inventory should be relatively low because they are an online company and everything is ordered and shipped in a relatively quick fashion. Also Wausau owns very little timberland which causes them to purchase their wood fiber on the open market.

Target fits the description of an upscale discount chain. Also they have much fewer liabilities at. Target comparative to Costco has a higher current assets ratio, which is 1. They are shipped around the world to many distributors in massive quantities. Pfizer is not very liquid which would give it a low current assets ratio.

Tools Company K is most likely paragraph 1.

Because Costco is focused on Mass selling they also have a low quick ratio of. Company I is most likely paragraph 2 which may refer to Wausau Paper. In turn, this style of business should technically speaking allow for more liquid. The Financial Detective, Company D is the Boston Beer Company, which is the seller of the popular Sam Adams line of beers.

Boston beer’s products are part of a microbrew. Company D’s proportion of cash and cash equivalents.

THE FINANCIAL DETECTIVE A. M. Arifin - Company A Higher Account Receivable Higher Account Payable Higher Inventory turnover Company B Higher Intangbile Asset Higher Investment Beer Company D Conservative company Zero deviden Zero Total Debt/Aset Higher gross profit Company C Invest in other company.

THE FINANCIAL DETECTIVE, I focused on the companies’ beta, current ratio, inventory turnover ratio, total debt/total assets ratio and net profit margin to identify if the company is in a healthy state within its industry.

Jacob Garcia Marcus Kern Irma killarney10mile.comez Case #6 The Financial Detective Our team has focused on the companies’ beta, current ratio, inventory tu 5/5(1). The Financial Detective Beer Beer Company 1 is a “national brewer of mass-market consumer beers sold under a variety of brand names” (pg.

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The financial detective beer
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