Videogames scapegoat

In that period, mainstream media has put it on their shoulders to wrongfully question and, at times, blame video games for their alleged role in these horrific events. Some scholars blamed television for the crime wave of the s and s, which has since vanished.

The government was actively providing U. Rather than simply funding more unnecessary research, maybe people simply need to pay more attention to what their children are doing — what they are playing and reading and watching and most importantly, how they feel about the content they encounter.

Along with tax reforms, academic studies, and public outcry, though, it has become more evident that the public really needs to begin initiating more critical, informed discussions at the domestic, community, and national levels to curb the trigger-ready responses to scapegoat an entire industry.

People are consuming video games at a much more massive rate than these horrific acts of violence that video games are blamed for are occurring.

MSNBC: video games an 'easy scapegoat'

In fact, the aggression levels between both groups remained relatively consistent. It is, after all, our job as parents to teach, explain, and be a little more [effective in] preventing gun accidents in America Needless to say, video games remain a hot topic and frequent target.

They argued that violent video games had been holding the U. I was made aware of the news only minutes after the initial story was published on CNN. Tweet on Twitter The argument linking video games to real-life violence is not a new assumption in the American media.

Video Games: Scapegoat or Real Threat? by Arjoon H.

This has to stop. These critical questions were given little, if any, spotlight by the majority of mainstream press outlets. You will also receive an exclusive download of Neil Gaiman: EMA, they can do under the First Amendment — and fueled the long-standing debate about whether violent video games truly impact and affect those that play Videogames scapegoat.

Parents have become apathetic. Adults are led to believe that video games are created by kids for kids, when in reality the target audience for these on-screen experiences is years-olds.

In fact, these violent cases have nearly always been a result of predispositions of either age or mental health, not the video games themselves. Private institutions and individuals have continued their researchbut as for this plan to be initiated by the government with tax payers money it appears to be dead in the water which is undoubtedly for the best.

Legislators took another crack at the curbing the production of violent video games by enacting the Tax Reform Act ofwhich would offer permanent tax credits to video game creators that do not make violent video games. It is important that we recognize this, and work together to protect these creative industries and the First Amendment rights of the individuals who have made producing video games their professions.

August 16,9: As opposed to waiting for the aftereffects of a lack of supervision, parents and teachers should initiate discussions with children about the things that they will be exposed to and encounter in their daily lives.

Video games have become the modern-day political and social scapegoat and continued governmental research will be attempted to prove that there is a connection between violence and video games.

What researchers did find, though, was that players who received a tutorial prior to playing a game had a less aggressive reaction to the video game as opposed to those who received little to no tutorial. These numbers, along with extensive studies done by top researchers around the globe, show that video games, violent or nonviolent, are not the cause for real-life, vicious behavior towards others.

Censorship 2014: Why Are Video Games Still a Scapegoat?

For all intents and purposes, this reform appeared to be another attempt for politicians Videogames scapegoat use video games as a scapegoat to incite public outrage and push other initiatives. By totally censoring violence in animation, are we taking one step forward or two steps back in our quest to better educate our children about violence in society?

The mainstream media has a completely distorted view of video games. But of course paragraphs, and even pages, were given to attack the scapegoat that is video games. I was outraged to see that half the article was focused on the video games and their role in the attack rather than the real Videogames scapegoat Games can be violent, but not always Grand Theft Auto V is a violent game, but what horrifies me when it comes to that game is this.

I play something called GTA Online, which is an online multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto. Dec 09,  · The OpenLab is an open-source, digital platform designed to support teaching and learning at New York City College of Technology (NYCCT), and to promote student and faculty engagement in the intellectual and social life of the college community.

Feb 19,  · In the wake of the NIU shooting and various pundits finding ways to link violent video games to the tragedy, MSNBC has decided to defend video games, specifically calling out infamous attorney.

Video games have become the modern-day political and social scapegoat and continued governmental research will be attempted to prove that there is a connection between violence and video games.

• $10 Million Plan to Research Video Games and Violence Hasn’t Happened. The video game industry generates $ billion in revenue every year according to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. 67 percent of households play video games with 17 percent of those games rated “M” for mature.

Many quickly point to video game violence as the catalyst for recent events such as the Navy yard shooting and school shootings. This is not new: blaming video games for violence goes back to Columbine.

Videogames scapegoat
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